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My Favorite Pictures It is the most beautiful photos I know












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Fuckk!! Bloddy hheiiillll! I was palying my xbox and was really long. I haf completated many banes. Then My girlfreind coame in and said are you playing agin Jukka. I said noo. besause she hate when I paly computer gamei. They she came and lokced at my sceni bildi and said you are playingi. Well that may be but its my fusckin comptueri i said and she just deltied my gami.! 

She said I should write instead of pay. Well she is so good and everyhting buut I am GFisnish and I need action from time to time. I am no fufdskfdlfdskj fj acadmiaoan who sits all dayi with a text and wrote and wrote. beside I almost wom. Ficuk! I took my car and drove around frusttrated for an hour. I drove around Svemdammarna for an hour while lsitnning to Jimi Hendrix Fruck Bllodydy hilll I shouted. Theun I came home and thoguht avout joining a dangerous sport. They would show my girldrefndi. She will wont me to paly comptuer gami instedi. I will climb thingi or jpin a Marschal art. Thats really dangoerus and thingi. 

Now I will write a peom


Flowers in spring are so

easliy washed away

For a mintute they are here

blossom like spring flowers

then they die and their

delicate intricate ways 

are trampled

I found a flowers on the road

trampled on

and put in water

but it didet work


I found a stone on the floor

and polished it


I find a girl on street an polish her

naked in shower 

she gets arrested by police

I fought the law and the

law fought me


I kiss the girl in jail

then the Jufge came

a hard man in suit

I say to him

This is a virtual girl

she has not commitet crime

the judge say

she sell sex on the street that is illegial

well I said it is nice sex and she is good 

thats not they point the judge say

well what is the pint? 

In say

I climed the dront floor and everyone look at me

I say 

My hoours and memebrs of the comuntiy

God created sex for us to plase 

and men use coin 

This womaen use them both

honourable trades sex and coin

and you call that illigeal? Its sick!

The judges and memebers of Community hailed me

and gave me the Key to the cioty


and the girl and me got a nice house and lived happiyiy


A song 



ohh yeah

Poinsed flowers


We live by the river


wimen by the river


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an invitation to the dadaist group meating with a university man

That may seem strange to siome since I am jukka but that is the mystery. Now you looked, blodydy hiilll!

People like tings to be strnage so they can tijnk for themselves. I like to think often. I thoght today one time. Fucki, bllododuyy heieilll. I have began to drive with a motercykle in the nature. It is wonderful to experiance nature in a direct way. Sometioems there are pooeple in the track, I often ask them to get of the way. poeple dont’ have respcet for popele dirve in nature. Its nothering worong with driviern a go cart in nature. I often do ogher thingi too.

I am the cildern of rrammm, I travveledi from the something. I forgot. For those of you whio don’t know this is Marc biolond. I listen to him sometimes. I love to liten to him inte the shoe store. Soemtimes a Lady askes me about a shoe and I ltiesn to the musiv and then I just go along., All right, I say and swing with my body. You can tell she is impressedi all right.

Sometimes I tihngki I am a bit  mek. I thogjt about  the meaing of ända today, For thise of you who can’t Swedish I van expelini i this langgiuage. Ända means buttom and therie. HÄe went al the way. Han gick ända dit. Now ända defines my life noways. In many way so its fascinating, increddible. I think Uppsala is the New bolonga. A city of Rennicence and rebirth. I et a man in the university who said this a while ago,

I alos meat a young women from the working people the oterh day. She workds a an assistant and we had arelastionship.

My dear man, he said, Uppsala is the city which holdes the most smart people and here there are people who have read. Like you.

He said thati. I am a reabdele peropsn. I told him

Well, my dear fall, I blush.

Noo, he said. I think ypu looki nivce.

He told me that peopple whio is at university is samrter but not better than working epople. Univerity people will lead the people I thk.

Anyway, he told me he liked me. He, a teracsher at the unviersity! And me, a peropn inta shoe store. We talekda bout feareys and other studff.

He said I was a samrt man. Now that feeel. We will meat in a cafe tomorrow. I think he ants to hear my wvies about things.

This is my litte peom.

All the long way

in a deep forest between her silvery legs and

the spines of silvery thereds

he made the way

so very mystic in here

he said while kissing the moss

the autumn storms and the last

feary bwtwennn here the the last Uppsala border

The yellow perosn in a hat plocks rise and I eat

that is not fair no help the yellow perosn

plock risce with him do not sit there and consume

wihtle or borthers make the food

wait on us and make everything to us

make the house and we are comfortae

fuckk blooddii heieil we need to be there and fight for

love relovlutions to come

I will meat my brothers and stay in the rows agiasnt

the state and love

Well thats all chehersi from Jukkka

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rate vaa

Dera Reader. I was looking a a movie from the Italian Rennicence and decided it was a fantastic clothes theyu had. TThe hats! The men., Heeiil. I feel tried on New Jukka. He is perfect. Smmotth. HAs lots of buddiues. Old one was more Anatsvfitsk. Anarchsitsc. Not easy to spell that wordi. Anyway the Iralian language is beaatuidful. Wordipressi is such a word, ut rings with the wisdoms of berard men. I was pretty bored this evening. After a hard days workd in the shohishop I walked trieed home. My girlfreind was home. She had a long dayi to at y A wonderful person but a little harh. I want to goi to Italy. So I was goining in maps, drivning aroiund the landscapes. However this became boirng after a while I have heardi that Intelligant poerosns easuily gets bored and thats ot. Im innteligenti. I also want to learn Guitar. Thay had that in Rennicence to. I saw that in the filmi. Lots of wordi seems to come from italty by the ay. I think it was an movie from the states. I donät lite states, they suck people dru. Anyway, what is a man suppose to do if he dosneä’t worki, doens not drinki, or study some fpreignni language? Well I tried to paint, I admiteded I donät have the right gift for that. So I am not a painter. than I tired to plaay guitar but that was not very uplifting, my girlfreindi compained. Then I read an action nvovel, but I got a haeadace. I suppose you should do useful thingi, they did that in the olden days. So, I sat down and wrote this post instead. Soon there will be bed time (its eoght o clock). I figgure if I just continue writing time will tell. I love the dialiect in ITaly. Proscottiiii, how they drawl the end of words for so long time. drrummiii. I guess its alwats better to continue doing something, not play topgun gamei.

This is a short bredif thingi from my new play. ”Destinfinado”

Jan I have come here to Italy to escape you.

Death Well, I didnät have trouble comming here either.

Jan Then, time toils, the dry italian siol have a cock which will cuckle.

Death Spek so I understand.

Jan smoke a cigarette. Fuck, the cigaretts here is disgusting.

Death   Taht will not prolong you live.

Jan Whay would you care. Youa re here to take my life. Wonderful cape by the way.

Death Tahnk yiou. Well, you people are so boirng, I am not after your life.

Jan haiahhaihaiahahaha not.

Death No, you take it yourself. I just collect up the bits.

Jan I would like to go to Renniscance italty. There was a man free. And no nose around the necki.

Death Well, I think you mean Mexico. Renniscnce Italy was fine but I ythink you misses something.

Jan Waht. I would love to be a king in a small city and wear a cape and a mantel. Tgen I could duel you.

Death You can duel me anytime, but I want guarantee the result.

Jan Thouse´.

Death Ohh you killed me. aaaaaaa

Jan Hurrayyyy! I am frEEEE!!!

Jan danses around the sqwure. Italians come forward.

Itlaiens Whatii is hapaninnggg?

Death Just kidding, you can kill me. That would be against nature.

Jan Fuck!!!

Death Why just not try to live a bit.

Jan Shoudl you tell me that.

Death Yes, I have seen so many people obsessed with me that I think thay forgot the other part.

Jan Who is that.

Death Life.

Jan Well, I am trying to run awayae.

Death You misunderstand, I meant Life of course. Have you ever meat Life?

Jan I have tried to run away freom you so I havn’t met her r him.

Death Well that my whjioe poplem.

Wellm that was the point in this story.



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A New Languagse

I have made a New Language.Or a dialect. PWople have Cahnge lagnages in all Hisotry and Philosphers and made it Discorse. I recantly saw berry lindon and it made me thingi. In beeryy they hade pisotl and red coati and a IRsih Lady. God! Irleand Seem nice and beautiful. I souhld be berry if I lived them. however I would be nice to the lady. In the times then people spoke another Englsishg beascuse it was dissferent then. berrry went to War and meeet women and I pley cards and women. However, there is antoher time now. We can’t go on with the same words. Need words and a Labnguage to describe changes and the turn on the millenia. A new millenia. A thiusand years have gone since the last. What have we not done and made. Whet maervllouss thinghi can we do now. Fuck bloodidy heiel. Then a thosuands years ago people went aorund with bad shirts and I ahve ssenn on picturers the where monks. Now people travel trhogugh Air and Space and we can cure thighi,. fuuckk bloodydyii heiirill. Thets somethings. We donnänt have to be farmers or peastants anymore. Or kingi or wueeini. Libareted. Taste the wordi. Libareted. Dosnt’ that make you fel like wanting to jump and shine and love life. Nwever before in the Hstiory of man have we ben so happy and ben able to make wheat we want. We ave doneo it all.

Then we neddi a new langugguge to descire this womderfuol new breave woriold. I have made it, here in this text is the Seed of Language. it will be here when Man i S Even Happier in a hudnered years and we have done even more. Then We can only eat small thngi and thats engogh for the day and we will shine and jump and dosansnt have to waser glasses. We will be a society without poor orupper classes. I hate them. The upper classes hwio suck the lower clasees. I am Syndi. Well, we are not there but we have done so many Wonderful thigi so I am happr. Just think about how innteligent we are nowdays in compasiosn to the pesant a thogusant yerars ago who didnät do advacned thingi. I love the poor popele and I will fight fior the Afreicans I thinki.

New. Taste on it. New. I love something new.

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I read a wonderful book wich chaned my life the other day. I am writing a book. I think it will be published. It’s about a man who was born in a house and moves to italy and baceomes a giggole and is wiht many women. The editor acctouly wrote to me and said they are interesed but I myust edit my book better.

I read  ”The Serpant on the hill.” You can proboly guass what it was about. I soemtimes read books. That changes my life. It is nice to alter life sometimes aotherwise it beacme voring. Fuck bloofiuyy heeil. I have a boring freind which I have portriettet in several of my dramas. He is a nihilist and he tries to argue that my way of life is a lie.

Freind Your way of life is a lie.

Me Whu do you say so. I love life.

Rreind No one can be cheerfol like you. You must be a secret pessimist.

Me No. I love life and life love me. It has made me keep all my hair on my head alothou I am 38.

Freind Just beaciuse I have little hair and a falling penis dosn’t mean I have a miserbale life.

Me Who is the best, me who love everthing and dosn’t look a year older than when I was 28 or you who looks like 71.

Freind I donät lokke like 70.

Me Sorry. But I am alos a Coach for unemploned people and depressed. you can join for free. The state likes it when people get more effective.

Freind I give a shit about the satee., I may be down etc my I have self respcet.

Me I have too. I am soon atuhorutr and I have a women I love and a book I love,. I recently read The ,an who talk to horses. It chaned life.

Ferinds Who do you do it for. Whats the point in beeing man if you donät thjink.

Me I hink and I feel brother. ‘

Freind Well, thats perdpective. Oh if I where an American isntead of a boring Swede. I would like to wome to another coutnry.

Me Moeving sodn’t change who you are brother.

Ferind Stop for fgucks sake Im not brother.

Me I call all my btoerhts brother.

Ferind Are you a Crhistian.

Me I was for a time. I led prair meeting in the unemployment organiazation. We sat in a small office and I said to the poor peopkle banig it for Jeeenusss brother. Then the unemplomend officer said it was a compendarable thingi but it went too far even thogh a brainwashed worker was efective worker.

Freind I can belvie that. They brainwash workers with the help of morons.

Me No, I worked there and I only saw nocie,. ‘

Freind Everyone with visions don’t have the bread and the idiots get it all. It was better before.

Me do you mean in historic itmes, wekl fuck! people starbved then. TYhe horrible upper classes suck the workers dry.

Freind Well now the workers suck the upper classes.

Me I can suck,

Ferind I know.

Me If you love life all will work brother.

Ferind One more word and I hit you motherfucker.

Me wahty

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I have slaved in the sport shop for a long time now and its horrible with the false smiles all the time. I listened to some music from the 60 and it was so real½!½

Why do it? I maen fuck bloodyy heeeiiill! We only live once. I making out with people who care about boringt things like ,tv and family and money. This woman with the sport body I maen how fun is it after a while? And flirt with the women custerms to get themt o buy more so I get more money? We should love weatchother. Giving shring

The little talking tree and the small bee

making their way to Shidharta

Flower of eternity flow flow

circle of space and love flow

the bumblebee is my freind and

you more then all time in the future

He stalk the forest and there in the

wood I see you between the branch

I am but naked and you are

No city lights or bromestokes

no roads to heiill flowing river

time does not stop us

You say if the time in US is worth saving

I lay down on my back and see the heaven flow

between my hair

autumn may come with its golden horns and limbs

I smile like a wildflower to you and you kiss

the hair of my stomach and the autumn grow and

shrink between the hair o water song

water in the sky and the lake

water in my limbs and the salivia of the mouth

the gods of yesturday and the machines are all meaningless

you with your naked skin agianst the branches

your brown skin and the swallow in the air

no more cities of time and matter here in the

boundless woods and among the wildflowers do we play

flow flow

the time flow

Your hills rise abouve me like the hills of glen McDolnad

the wizard of turning and love

water and skin and membarns are all we need

I sit there by the log fire and play

and sing this song for you

I kiss ou and I havn’t time to shave

the horns of the animal and the silvery water

tree grass flowers on your knee and hair

the hair grows and the forest grow

a dwarwish man with a yellow tamburine oplays

grapes in the sun the swallow in the air

fly swallow till you reach the highest and the lowest moss

the joker in the wood smile and you with your naked stomach

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A country and its people

The sun is comming back. This is not a good thingi for a fini. I often feel depressed when summer comes. I think iti biological. All tins is depressed when its summer. We like winter. In Åland everyone is depressed all year round I Think this is exragation. I feel good in the automn and winter as fins always do.

I have begin with pariting up my texts for increased readibilty. Fuckk. blooli heiill. I send my theatre which you can read free of cargrhe here to swedish institue for tharte. They had a compeationon for thatatre. You can win 20000.

POnje reason I feel drepssered when summer coames is that I can’t job without women getting at me. You can feel that this is a small problem but whenever I get into my pants and start jogging I have this lady breathing in my neck. This was nice when I was feifteen but now I am 37. It hinki,.

I have deciede toi stay in Uppsala for a while. Finlandi have no cahrms over me anymoreö. I think fins are depressing. Everybody lovess sumemr exeptps fins. Fuck! If fons whould ahve taken part in Summer of love 1968 tthay would proboly refused beacuse they feel so down. They loves in winter passiontaly but I never want to do it with fins. I think blonds are’t that sexy.

few blanods are attractred to me. Most other womena re. I am not lying even if I sound like that. The more coulurs on a personon the more thay seem to want to do it with me. Swedes with brown hair are much more likely to want to fuck me thatn a fair swede. Strange.

And I will not peak about when I lived in Itlay. Fuuckkk bloodiyy heeiillll!

I want to discuss Jan in this blogpsot. Jan is a neautral caracter. He is the Lyckly Guy who has got it all. Than I am in i too. That will pose a porblem beacuse people tand to connect people in artworkds with the artist. However Its not the real me. The real Jukka isnät the fun Jukka as I wirte about. The real Jukka smiles much at work, normal and gets fucked alot by ladies. I like ladies in all ages, from the agee of 18-70. My normal lady is betweeen 38 nowday but I have had them all. They all like me running. I don’t now. It seems to be a secreat fuck nyddu rinning club in Sweden. As soon as you run and looks fit you ahve this lady who strats to talk to you. Then you gets invited to her home when the husband is working. Then you should fuck her etc. I wouolud go into details. It not ok for children if any should read my blogg and I hae the ”Nudtiy spam warning  people hae on their blogg.

I have started wriging a book. I have flow nowdays and loots of words is spioiling from my tounge, I am thingong about moving to Irealnd seomeday. Living byt he sea and loving real people. Irishemen .Thet would be fantastic. The sea and the man.

I am also submitting a shirt story to Umeså short story price. Its’ a huge thingi. You can win 1000000.

Itä’s lots.

If I win I will go to Shoutern Europe and rest for a while. Not running. Defintily not at all fuck a lady. And not anybody else erither. Youst be. Feel the real Jukka returning. Slowly. follo the stream where the peastn walk. Sit udner a hosetree coutning leaves.

Feel the sun come and go. The wind and the moon. The people.



Landscape, Glendalough, Ireland
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Date 17. August 2006 August 17th, 2006
Source Own work.
Author Stefan Flöper



Real. Not like åopele in Sweden. Who jsut want to Run. There is a swedish wodrd for horney. Löpa. It aloso mean run. And the swedes who runs löper. HahAHahhahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Not positing any peityres. Or perhaps I willc hose to do that. Of IOreland. So beautirful. The lan and the sea. The REal jukka. Comming back. Like Surreal pillow sings. I can see you. Comming ballks. So beautoil. all peciterrs are from Irland.



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Skrivet av: jukkabysea | maj 24, 2012



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