Skrivet av: jukkabysea | augusti 28, 2011

Jukka by sea

This is Jukka. The underworld runs as usual. When I write about the underworld I alswas mean the sea. I have been diving since I was a little boy and that was my life. Nowdays I do other things as well.

Belive me ,I am  familiar with the other underworld too but that’s another story for another post. Mostly about pubs.

Forgive me not so good English. I go to a evning course to learn better languages. Now I’m learing French. I dive on my spare time. Most of my readers will rember that I am a diver. Not nowdays so much. I have been wantng to be in better shape a long time. So I started work in a sports store. I’m also a diving instructor. But I don’t make much living of that. I live here in Uppsala.

What should I say really? I have lived all around the world by I only loved Åland. I’ts an Island of grass and sea. Not literary but I where in love with Åland. At one time I used to take the Ålandsfärjan, the ship wich take people to Åland and spend days there just meeting the  islanders. I know many people from there. I am always happy when I am on Åland. And the women there are full of life like the sea. Man too.

I’m writing poetry. I’m going to put my experimental poetry here. It is about my French curse and life as I see this. Weclome to my life here in Stockholm and Uppsala. Where I divide my time. I live mostly in Stokholm but I have a girlfreind in Uppsala. At Tunabackar.

Jukka by seathe name, is just joke. I took it from the English town Goring by sea which I once visited when travelling there.  It was very ugly and popele drank the all the time. There is acctually a town called that. From England. I alwas thought it is a bad name.

Well, see you guys. That’s all from me folks. I’m going to New York next week.



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