Skrivet av: jukkabysea | september 4, 2011

Stream of consciousness

I am a diver. But I don’t do it all the time nowdays. It’s difficult earn a ling by diving. Therefore I also work in a sports store. People think that people in sports stores are clows and idiots. Not intelectuals in black vclothes. Thats correct. I am also not very university type. I’m an idiot sometimes and I have others who would confirm that. But sometimes my english is not very good so people think I’m more stupid then I am. I might seem like seem like some Faulty towers Manuel sr something like that. But I give you tahat for free. That somethmes I think he was more talented, But I am better at diving. It’s stream of councuisness, my writing.

My fahter was in the army. He was very talanted. High up in society. But now he just sists in the white house (my children house, it was white), the attic. Shouts at birds. Never hit. The dog ran after but he never find to pick up. I think his losing it acctueally. The dog and the father. Mostly the father. I hate chritsianity. My mother is a catolic. I think it’s becasue it shes finds it sexy. With chtaolic rituals, you know all the joystics. Myrra. And inscens. And the icons. I don’t mean it on the comper of course.

I am good at one thing. That is I live and people like me. I earn lots of mouny int he sports store, beacuse they love love me there. And I think I look better than averige. I have a strong jaw. I have that after my mother. She has a strong jaw. Some people think I’m courny. But maybe someone says or a woman than the man repeat the rhingi over and over again and than it’s not funny anymore.

Well, rambling on and out. Now it’s time for me to go to the sports store. I hate the work but thay like me. So I stay. At least its good pension. I will need that. I wasnt to live in the Sun in a shoutern country when I get a pensioner.

I never thought I was going to become old once. I was sure I was dead in 29 like all the Rock stars. But now, when working in the Sprts store I’m sure I will grow old.

Good. This is bad Enlgish. Sorry. If someone reads this, please don’t take this too hard. I hate the unemplyment office, otherwise I woule dive all the time.

Jukka out for the time beeeing.

Here a treat for you.



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