Skrivet av: jukkabysea | oktober 9, 2011

Sex again

Hello and welcome to my ste agian. Swexden calling. I know I write a lot but old readers will recall that I sometimes do that.. I am on the was from Åland to Sweden and look with a sad face as the boat leas the Isalnd- I will live there once. In Åland there is w everething a man can ask. Not just a man but it’s like a sort of paradise on earth for me. I am not Christian or anythn,g. Well, I am not planning to jump into the water or anything. One thingi I have thiogugt about which I would like to share is that Swedes is totally boring until they drink. Swedes are some of the most boring people there are but when they drink they can be better. The thing (ha!) is that swedes donänt drink very often. I have thougt about going to Island, Orkney Islands or Of course my bellowed Åland numerous times but I have my living here. So I drink instead of emigrating. Why doesn’t the bloke open a Dving schhol in Färöarna? you ask. Well, it’s not that easry. I have my grandmother in Swedfen and my girlfriend. In Föäröarna it would be some advatnatges. There is close to the Raring sea. You can ride like a horse and dive like a king. My mother in the white house once told me as a small bboy that I should learn to ride. At that time I din’t udnerstod what she meant because she also said my father didn’t let her anymore. No I know. In Färöarna you can ride. Whoitot saddle And you can dive. I could have pupils as well. That would be ewasy to give out learningbeacuse the water is everywhere.

And the main thingi I would have to drink. Because in Föräarna people don’t have to drink since they quence their thirst with the rain and the sea. They don’t need the cities or lights. They are proud to have thoirsmall hpurses and their hairy dogs. Some of the world most famouse hourses and dogs comes from Föräarna . I often see the small dogs woth their fantastic hairs. My father once sdaid that if I went to Sweden he would spank me. He hates Sweden because Sweden didn’t fought the Russians to keep Finland. He always think people who don’t speak Swedish is poor. Nowdays he just growls of course. The symphonies plays and the dog barks. The dog is nineteen. And my mother has her best cloths on her. And I sit here on my Ålandsboat and wants to ride. On the blue blue waves. I want to sit on the wave and smile and dive right in. But instead I take a drink with the Swedes. Fuuck.



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