Skrivet av: jukkabysea | oktober 9, 2011


In this blogg I want to speak about sex. It’s not so damm dificult sin’t it. I once heard a man on the train to newark saying sex is so difficult. I was on the Train from Edinburgh. I wasnted to say it’äs just to fuck waht’s Fuzz mate? I dibn’t. I ate my sandwich insted and thogut about Diving as I looked at the landscape of Britian unfolding. I once said to a scottish person he was gay and he was angry. And I once told a man he was a woman. And he was angry. Sex. It’s all about sex. People are so obseesed with it adn the people mostly obsessed is popele don’t get it.

When I lived in italy I meat alot of women. They even peied for y living somethines. Wht’s Wrong iwht that ? I wonder. I read about a ghost somewhere. It dosn’t have sex of course. Well no wonder it dosn’t have a body. I have always been something of a fleshman. Wihtout a body I would be anything. That can be the case for many people of course. Fuck. It’s like sex.

I also wasn’t speak about my old post MEat me aat the st<ationn. I think many people misintreptrted that. It wasn’t a spelling  mistake. I meant Meat as in the Swedish world Kötta. It means well, nothing I guess. But it works. Perhaps it has something to do with sex. Everyone wan’ts to have sex but only a few gets it. Well I say lets have more of it.



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