Skrivet av: jukkabysea | oktober 18, 2011

No no not drink again

I bought bag in box yesturday. Fuck! You get too much wine. Now you proboly think I’m Alcholist but that is hardly the case. There are many Older people inte Sweden who drink much more then me. Anyway, here I wasnt to talk about the meaning of the prowerr ”Up jump devil”, Everybody knows what that means of course. Itäs sex. Fuckk. I was in Itally once and dived. Everyting was about sesx. And services. That’s waht’s everybody is obseessed wirh- If you, dear reader want a clue to how you are going to getr rich just take these to thingi, and use them wisely and you’ll get rich. If you do thingi for them and give them sex well you’re rich. If you do it to many poeplee.

I learned people to dice before and I gave many of them sex too but I din’t get rich. That was of ourse becasueI got very rich but then the Swedish state said I didn’t pay any taxes. Well, I had sepnt everthingi so I could’t pay back. So the company, and allt he sex closed.

And now I am a seller at a spoerts store. Thatäs the story of my life. Or, now it issnät. I was boen in the white house by the lake in Finland. My parents listened to Sibelius. I listen to him today too. I lve Sibeliuss. And my father was in the army then. Or was it someone else. However he was a high guy there and my mohter lved her clostes, Clothes. It was always summer in my head there. After that I fled to Italy with my mothers help. My father tried to give me smacking for something I ahd done. And I shouted back and shouded my fists. And then my mpther gave me so much I could go on a plane to Italy. I listened to ”All tommorrows parties” as the plane lifted. I spent huge sums there. Then I opepend a diving school to get more money. It wasn’t so many people interested in diving help but I helped older women with other thingi and got money. I love it.

Anywahy. Then I got to Sweden. It’s aöways winter when I think of Sweden. I lived on herring in buckett. I sat in a bathpouse and I survived becasue of the bathhouse. The women who loved me in Italy looked throegh my in Sweden. Sewdesh women are hard and boring. Then I opnened my diving School. Jukkas diving. Many studetns came. I can assure you of that,.

Than it close. That was the story of my life. Did you like it, dearest reader? Now I woakr in the sports store. And writite etc. So that’s it. Is this the finale, or is it mearly a new stage? I sometimes feel so boring in the store. I hate the customers and personel. I often think about running away. But where? I think about the song ”Where do I goooo?” ”Follow your heartbeat” Yes, I should do that. But then I should run to the lake and swim to the white house. But the summer at the white house has ended. Now it’s not summer anymre. And the childern will not play in the garden anymore. My parents is abit old I think. And the other childern who used to play has gone. ”There will be a long winter.” Aye, I say to myself as I stand on Stochkolms canel looking out at the black water. I think I will like becomming a dad next summer.

Well, as thay say in rockets, Jukka out. All clear for landing, check your seats so don’t have anything illigal on you wahn we land. Fuck



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