Skrivet av: jukkabysea | november 3, 2011

Fuck I’m Drinking againg Find

Well, I have been bad. Fuckk. And all you people out there might have experienced myself. So this will be treat for you too. One tihingi. Fuck. Bloody hell. I’m only consuming. I don’t know why the hell I can afford it. I don’t work much nowdays. I quitted my old job because of difficulties with the others. And I was unemployed but then I got a new job as customer relations.Fuck I hate talking to custoerms but the new job says I am good. I have only work a couple of times and will not start yet so I I only go around eating and drinking. I became so good at custoers relations so I aped after every customer I talked to. They like. My girlfriend says that I am even more personally disturbed now and therettened to quit me when I talked to hear like a customer. And last night I met Jan, an old customer no Blofdddy Heeel! a friend. I drank lots and lots of wine and started asking him why he hates to vbe with other people. Fuck! He told me I have new him for twenty years and that he is an artist and we have discussed thousants of times how he hates working with other people. And there I am asking why he can’t have a normal job like people have. I have been damaged by my new job and I haven’t started yet! It was much easer when I was a telephone sales man in Italy. All my old readers will now that I lived in Italy for quite a while. I lived by the sea but also in Florence. I Toscanay I lived in a hut in Florence with Turks. The Turks and a britt also worked with telephone sales. Bloddy heel! what a job. I didn’t understand any Italian but nowbady else did. The Turks was Illigal I think. I belive the Britt also was illegal. He always talked about heo he jump off the Brittish Church and became a Catloic and how his family hated him. He had lots of Money but decided he wanted to live like a Christian he said. Bloody heel said the Turks and me. On the evening we used to gather round the fire in the Hut and sing Row row row your Boat and the Turks Cried and the Britt creid most. I think it was Fine. However we could’t speak the language but all I had to do was to shout something I have been instructed in Italian like “Buy!” and then they shouted back at me and I sold lots and lots. The other people did the same. Fuckkk. Now I have anxiety because I have drunk so much. I will take myself tighter. I listened to Can’t find my way home often. And I have begin to meditate to find mslef again. All I see is the White house when I meditate. I think I wikill see it when I die like whne people die in movies and the see lots of thingi I will see the white house and the children and the Grass and water.

Fuckckk. Bloody heeell.

A treat for you’re a song if I understand how the fuck you post songs in Worlspressi. My gilrfreind don’t want to have sex with me as long as I sound like a custmers relation to hear. Fuckk. I have been doing something else in frustration. But I should’t spekak about it here if there are Children reading. I will not Drink for a month now or until Christmas. Fuckk. I will eat chicking tonight with or without rhe love of my life. Another thingi. I have watched a hell of many bad movies lately. Hieell. Fuck, Blody Hiieel.

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