Skrivet av: jukkabysea | november 4, 2011

Scence 2 Half an hour later. See the former post for the earlier part.

JUKKA Jan have you ever thought about death?

JAN Death? It’s the only thing I think about. I have done it for twenty nine years.

JUKKA Why? I only think about it seldom, when I am depressed.

JAN When I became forty I began to sense it, crawling.

JUKKA I’m thirty eight, do you think I will see it too ?

JAN Ha ha! It will come for you too. I have seen him many times when I look behind my shoulders.

JUKKA Have you seen him? Does he wear black?

JAN Of course. He has a black cape. I often see him after I have been at the pub.

JUKKA Well, drinking too much can lead to a number of health problems.

JAN He scares me. I played chess with him many times and won so far.

JUKKA I’m sure I saw something about this at TV.

JAN The television only uses an ancient myth witch is true. Life is a game with death.

JUKKA You must be good at chess. I would lose anytime he came to me for a game.

JAN When he comes for one of his little visits we bow before each other and he smile crooked.

JUKKA What would happen if you lose?

JAN What do you think, my oldest of friends?

JUKKA I guess you would die. Have you won every time?

JAN No, I have never won. We play until the cook calls five times. Then he takes his chess and leave.

JUKKA So, Jan, what would happen if you win?

JAN laughs.

JAN No one has won against him yet.

JUKKA Is he good?

JAN Better than you can imagine.

JUKKA Can’t we speak of something else?

JAN I would love too. My only way of holding out is women and high spirits.

JUKKA Let’s talk balls instead of him.

JAN I have read that you get better skin by making love so I make love all the time. I think love is the opposite of the black reaper, the cold man in the velvet coat.

JUKKA You make him sound like a rock star.

JAN Oh, he is.

JAN I think I look like a man who has made love thousands and thousands of times with many hundred women.

JUKKA I’m sorry to say Jan, you look like a man who often is at the pub and has smoked for fifty years.

JAN Do you mean I have lines?

JUKKA Smoking isn’t very good for the skin or drinking.

JAN You have bad skin yourself.

JUKKA Yes, but I use skin products.

JAN I use nude makeup to hide my lines from the world. But I can’t hide from death.

JUKKA Do you mean he come looking for you and want’s to play?

JAN Yes.

JUKKA I also like to play things, but not chess.

JAN Have you ever listened to Incredible string band?

JUKKA I don’t like them, there’re odd.

JAN That’s just because you need intelligence to like them.

JUKKA You fuck my girlfriend then you call me an idiot.

JAN I get better skin by fucking. And it’s good for the brain. It keeps well by new impulses.

JUKKA I think my girlfriend is dirty now when she has your sperm inside her lions.

JAN Not only there.

JUKKA You disgusting old goat man!

JAN I turn on Incredible string band and smoke when the evening comes. Then, when the light is out and moon is full, he comes with his chess game.

JUKKA Are you sure you don’t mean a guy?

JAN No. Where is the bartender? I need some more ale.

JUKKA I told her to go home.

BARTENDER I didn’t, you can’t decide over me.

JAN That’s a good bartender.

BARTENDER Remember, Jan.

JAN Yes, I will make you famous. Come to my house tomorrow.

JUKKA I forbid you.

JAN It’s not 1971.

BARTENDER I can do what the guck I want to. I’ll do anything to be famous.

JAN What’s the price of nude make up from Germany?

JUKKA The Euro is not much nowadays. You’ll get it cheap fur sure.

JAN Of course I will. But I don’ care.

BARTENDER I use real makeup. I messed around with my skin so much in high school.

JAN I hate people and especially service people.

JUKKA Don’t you have any respect for the common working person?

BARTENDER Thanks’ a lot! I am actually a graduate from Yale.

JAN Do you want me to believe that?

JUKKA I’ve seen her diploma.

BARTENDER It’s not easy to get a good job.

JAN goes over to the jukebox and start looking for a song.

JUKKA What the fuck do you think you’re doing fucking that old man?

BARTENDER I’ll do whatever it takes.

JUKKA You don’t deserve me.

BARTENDER No, but you or him doesn’t deserve me. No man deserve me.

JUKKA Are you a lesbian?

BARTENDER Perhaps, I  have not yet met a man who dare to look me in the eyes.

JUKKA takes BARTENDERS head between his hands and look her in the eyes. JAN puts on a record. It’s the “dance of death”.

JAN begins to dance slowly. The teenagers don’t move.

BARTENDER He says I can hold death away for him.

JUKKA It’s just some erotic thing he has for blond men in black capes. Don’t take it seriously.

BARTENDER I love him I think.

JUKKA He don’t care about no one but himself.

A thin long man in a black cape enters. He hides his face in the cape.


BARTENDER What can I give you?

LONG MAN Bourbon. I am looking for JAN have you seen him?

JUKKA He is over there dancing.

LONG MAN I will just drink up my glass. I have time.

BARTENDER I dig your clothes! Roll over man.

LONG MAN Thanks. I don’t really understand you youngster’s language.

BARTENDER Can I get you a second glass?

LONG MAN No thanks. I have already wasted too much time here.

LONG MAN gets over to Jan who is dancing.

JUKKA Who the hell was that? He looked like something from the hippie time.

BARTENDER I guess it was an old art friend of Jan.

JUKKA Weird.

JAN So, the time has come for our game?

LONG MAN This is an as good a place to play chess as some other.

LONG MAN takes a chess board from his clothes.

LONG MAN Please open the game Jan.

Jan and Long man plays while Jukka and the Bartender talks.

JUKKA So, you use real make up?

BARTENDER I need it. You have seen me without it.

JUKKA It’s not good for the skin to apply to much. It’s better to use some good anti-aging product.

BARTENDER I’m just twenty nine.

JUKKA I love you!

BARTENDER I don’t know what to say.

JUKKA Just quit that old man.

LONG MAN It doesn’t look good.

JAN There might be a chance.

LONG MAN I have you I think.

JAN I have learned many small tricks of the trade.


JAN What the fuck?

LONG MAN You are checkmate my old friend.

JAN No not that!

The cook calls.

The Long man hurries out. The song “death dance” stops and a fat person put on Iggy Pop instead.

JAN It was close.

JUKKA Who was that?

BARTENDER At your place next week then?

JAN I need to travel somewhere else.



  1. Most amusing! Following links can be rewarding, at least today.


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