Skrivet av: jukkabysea | maj 20, 2012

Monky man

Dear Readers, 

I want to tell you about monkey man today. I am a monkey man of course like the song tells you. Someday, I will sit by the fire, listening to your stories and telling mine. That will be afine day. Today, you and me are separated. Alas, it will  not last forever. Sometimes, when looking out of the sea I think of you. Small thingi, like the curtains with boat motif remind me of the days in Itlay. Those weher the days, but perhhaps those will be the daysö. 

Anywho Monkey man, why am I fascinated by him. 

Tehre where of course the two midgins following me yestarday, enviromentalitsts who I am sure did not want my vorte. they wanted my body,  happens every time when I am out joggong, I have very slim pants I can tell you. 

This is not intened to be porn. 

Swedes are truely boring, so boring I might one day move from here but I like the Swedish sea. Its cold and tehre are only ugly fishes here who looks like Göran, an old freind. I once were a you man in Itlay, now I sit here in my office space composing bad rim. And my beard has grown. I nerver seems to shave, the fucking shave apparat is bad. I refuse to give you pictures to make me interesting. If you get bored by my words I do not care. Somedays I will learn hwo to make intentions byut not today. There are not time today, 

Tomorrow is anpother day, oboiusly. Nicke Cave also thogut so, he was wrongi of course.


I am uåset beacuse they don’t let the cows out. The goats are out in a littel yard with stones. the phesants have let the sheeep out beascuse they eat them and they get bestter tratement. 

There are ten thingi I need to do today. One is write this post. Another is stop writing stram of conisunsens. 


I feel blue and read today. Small thingi made me that. The small thighi as a squirill which I casted thingi at beacuse he plundered a birds house. I always feel melancolic at the end of the free day. I hear As tears go by with amrianne Faithfull. so sad. So blue and sad today. The formost thighi is I have stopped drinking. Its boring. I feel like Göran in the story down here. Or was he called göran, IO can’t remember now. I have to look acctually. Syd Barrett was fun and full of life and so must we aöll be one day. Shitt bloodyyy heiiiill!! That fwlt beetter. Thank you reader for reading this long post. I recognixe it wasnsint very fun and I would get customers  by it but I fuck the custoerms anywhoe. 

Vivla republic and la France! Equalite, IU can’t remeber the rtest in Frenac anyhow. 



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