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A country and its people

The sun is comming back. This is not a good thingi for a fini. I often feel depressed when summer comes. I think iti biological. All tins is depressed when its summer. We like winter. In Åland everyone is depressed all year round I Think this is exragation. I feel good in the automn and winter as fins always do.

I have begin with pariting up my texts for increased readibilty. Fuckk. blooli heiill. I send my theatre which you can read free of cargrhe here to swedish institue for tharte. They had a compeationon for thatatre. You can win 20000.

POnje reason I feel drepssered when summer coames is that I can’t job without women getting at me. You can feel that this is a small problem but whenever I get into my pants and start jogging I have this lady breathing in my neck. This was nice when I was feifteen but now I am 37. It hinki,.

I have deciede toi stay in Uppsala for a while. Finlandi have no cahrms over me anymoreö. I think fins are depressing. Everybody lovess sumemr exeptps fins. Fuck! If fons whould ahve taken part in Summer of love 1968 tthay would proboly refused beacuse they feel so down. They loves in winter passiontaly but I never want to do it with fins. I think blonds are’t that sexy.

few blanods are attractred to me. Most other womena re. I am not lying even if I sound like that. The more coulurs on a personon the more thay seem to want to do it with me. Swedes with brown hair are much more likely to want to fuck me thatn a fair swede. Strange.

And I will not peak about when I lived in Itlay. Fuuckkk bloodiyy heeiillll!

I want to discuss Jan in this blogpsot. Jan is a neautral caracter. He is the Lyckly Guy who has got it all. Than I am in i too. That will pose a porblem beacuse people tand to connect people in artworkds with the artist. However Its not the real me. The real Jukka isnät the fun Jukka as I wirte about. The real Jukka smiles much at work, normal and gets fucked alot by ladies. I like ladies in all ages, from the agee of 18-70. My normal lady is betweeen 38 nowday but I have had them all. They all like me running. I don’t now. It seems to be a secreat fuck nyddu rinning club in Sweden. As soon as you run and looks fit you ahve this lady who strats to talk to you. Then you gets invited to her home when the husband is working. Then you should fuck her etc. I wouolud go into details. It not ok for children if any should read my blogg and I hae the ”Nudtiy spam warning  people hae on their blogg.

I have started wriging a book. I have flow nowdays and loots of words is spioiling from my tounge, I am thingong about moving to Irealnd seomeday. Living byt he sea and loving real people. Irishemen .Thet would be fantastic. The sea and the man.

I am also submitting a shirt story to Umeså short story price. Its’ a huge thingi. You can win 1000000.

Itä’s lots.

If I win I will go to Shoutern Europe and rest for a while. Not running. Defintily not at all fuck a lady. And not anybody else erither. Youst be. Feel the real Jukka returning. Slowly. follo the stream where the peastn walk. Sit udner a hosetree coutning leaves.

Feel the sun come and go. The wind and the moon. The people.



Landscape, Glendalough, Ireland
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Date 17. August 2006 August 17th, 2006
Source Own work.
Author Stefan Flöper



Real. Not like åopele in Sweden. Who jsut want to Run. There is a swedish wodrd for horney. Löpa. It aloso mean run. And the swedes who runs löper. HahAHahhahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Not positing any peityres. Or perhaps I willc hose to do that. Of IOreland. So beautirful. The lan and the sea. The REal jukka. Comming back. Like Surreal pillow sings. I can see you. Comming ballks. So beautoil. all peciterrs are from Irland.





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