Skrivet av: jukkabysea | augusti 17, 2012


I have slaved in the sport shop for a long time now and its horrible with the false smiles all the time. I listened to some music from the 60 and it was so real½!½

Why do it? I maen fuck bloodyy heeeiiill! We only live once. I making out with people who care about boringt things like ,tv and family and money. This woman with the sport body I maen how fun is it after a while? And flirt with the women custerms to get themt o buy more so I get more money? We should love weatchother. Giving shring

The little talking tree and the small bee

making their way to Shidharta

Flower of eternity flow flow

circle of space and love flow

the bumblebee is my freind and

you more then all time in the future

He stalk the forest and there in the

wood I see you between the branch

I am but naked and you are

No city lights or bromestokes

no roads to heiill flowing river

time does not stop us

You say if the time in US is worth saving

I lay down on my back and see the heaven flow

between my hair

autumn may come with its golden horns and limbs

I smile like a wildflower to you and you kiss

the hair of my stomach and the autumn grow and

shrink between the hair o water song

water in the sky and the lake

water in my limbs and the salivia of the mouth

the gods of yesturday and the machines are all meaningless

you with your naked skin agianst the branches

your brown skin and the swallow in the air

no more cities of time and matter here in the

boundless woods and among the wildflowers do we play

flow flow

the time flow

Your hills rise abouve me like the hills of glen McDolnad

the wizard of turning and love

water and skin and membarns are all we need

I sit there by the log fire and play

and sing this song for you

I kiss ou and I havn’t time to shave

the horns of the animal and the silvery water

tree grass flowers on your knee and hair

the hair grows and the forest grow

a dwarwish man with a yellow tamburine oplays

grapes in the sun the swallow in the air

fly swallow till you reach the highest and the lowest moss

the joker in the wood smile and you with your naked stomach



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