Skrivet av: jukkabysea | september 2, 2012


I read a wonderful book wich chaned my life the other day. I am writing a book. I think it will be published. It’s about a man who was born in a house and moves to italy and baceomes a giggole and is wiht many women. The editor acctouly wrote to me and said they are interesed but I myust edit my book better.

I read  ”The Serpant on the hill.” You can proboly guass what it was about. I soemtimes read books. That changes my life. It is nice to alter life sometimes aotherwise it beacme voring. Fuck bloofiuyy heeil. I have a boring freind which I have portriettet in several of my dramas. He is a nihilist and he tries to argue that my way of life is a lie.

Freind Your way of life is a lie.

Me Whu do you say so. I love life.

Rreind No one can be cheerfol like you. You must be a secret pessimist.

Me No. I love life and life love me. It has made me keep all my hair on my head alothou I am 38.

Freind Just beaciuse I have little hair and a falling penis dosn’t mean I have a miserbale life.

Me Who is the best, me who love everthing and dosn’t look a year older than when I was 28 or you who looks like 71.

Freind I donät lokke like 70.

Me Sorry. But I am alos a Coach for unemploned people and depressed. you can join for free. The state likes it when people get more effective.

Freind I give a shit about the satee., I may be down etc my I have self respcet.

Me I have too. I am soon atuhorutr and I have a women I love and a book I love,. I recently read The ,an who talk to horses. It chaned life.

Ferinds Who do you do it for. Whats the point in beeing man if you donät thjink.

Me I hink and I feel brother. ‘

Freind Well, thats perdpective. Oh if I where an American isntead of a boring Swede. I would like to wome to another coutnry.

Me Moeving sodn’t change who you are brother.

Ferind Stop for fgucks sake Im not brother.

Me I call all my btoerhts brother.

Ferind Are you a Crhistian.

Me I was for a time. I led prair meeting in the unemployment organiazation. We sat in a small office and I said to the poor peopkle banig it for Jeeenusss brother. Then the unemplomend officer said it was a compendarable thingi but it went too far even thogh a brainwashed worker was efective worker.

Freind I can belvie that. They brainwash workers with the help of morons.

Me No, I worked there and I only saw nocie,. ‘

Freind Everyone with visions don’t have the bread and the idiots get it all. It was better before.

Me do you mean in historic itmes, wekl fuck! people starbved then. TYhe horrible upper classes suck the workers dry.

Freind Well now the workers suck the upper classes.

Me I can suck,

Ferind I know.

Me If you love life all will work brother.

Ferind One more word and I hit you motherfucker.

Me wahty



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