Skrivet av: jukkabysea | september 2, 2012

A New Languagse

I have made a New Language.Or a dialect. PWople have Cahnge lagnages in all Hisotry and Philosphers and made it Discorse. I recantly saw berry lindon and it made me thingi. In beeryy they hade pisotl and red coati and a IRsih Lady. God! Irleand Seem nice and beautiful. I souhld be berry if I lived them. however I would be nice to the lady. In the times then people spoke another Englsishg beascuse it was dissferent then. berrry went to War and meeet women and I pley cards and women. However, there is antoher time now. We can’t go on with the same words. Need words and a Labnguage to describe changes and the turn on the millenia. A new millenia. A thiusand years have gone since the last. What have we not done and made. Whet maervllouss thinghi can we do now. Fuck bloodidy heiel. Then a thosuands years ago people went aorund with bad shirts and I ahve ssenn on picturers the where monks. Now people travel trhogugh Air and Space and we can cure thighi,. fuuckk bloodydyii heiirill. Thets somethings. We donnänt have to be farmers or peastants anymore. Or kingi or wueeini. Libareted. Taste the wordi. Libareted. Dosnt’ that make you fel like wanting to jump and shine and love life. Nwever before in the Hstiory of man have we ben so happy and ben able to make wheat we want. We ave doneo it all.

Then we neddi a new langugguge to descire this womderfuol new breave woriold. I have made it, here in this text is the Seed of Language. it will be here when Man i S Even Happier in a hudnered years and we have done even more. Then We can only eat small thngi and thats engogh for the day and we will shine and jump and dosansnt have to waser glasses. We will be a society without poor orupper classes. I hate them. The upper classes hwio suck the lower clasees. I am Syndi. Well, we are not there but we have done so many Wonderful thigi so I am happr. Just think about how innteligent we are nowdays in compasiosn to the pesant a thogusant yerars ago who didnät do advacned thingi. I love the poor popele and I will fight fior the Afreicans I thinki.

New. Taste on it. New. I love something new.



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