Skrivet av: jukkabysea | september 7, 2012

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Dera Reader. I was looking a a movie from the Italian Rennicence and decided it was a fantastic clothes theyu had. TThe hats! The men., Heeiil. I feel tried on New Jukka. He is perfect. Smmotth. HAs lots of buddiues. Old one was more Anatsvfitsk. Anarchsitsc. Not easy to spell that wordi. Anyway the Iralian language is beaatuidful. Wordipressi is such a word, ut rings with the wisdoms of berard men. I was pretty bored this evening. After a hard days workd in the shohishop I walked trieed home. My girlfreind was home. She had a long dayi to at y A wonderful person but a little harh. I want to goi to Italy. So I was goining in maps, drivning aroiund the landscapes. However this became boirng after a while I have heardi that Intelligant poerosns easuily gets bored and thats ot. Im innteligenti. I also want to learn Guitar. Thay had that in Rennicence to. I saw that in the filmi. Lots of wordi seems to come from italty by the ay. I think it was an movie from the states. I donät lite states, they suck people dru. Anyway, what is a man suppose to do if he dosneä’t worki, doens not drinki, or study some fpreignni language? Well I tried to paint, I admiteded I donät have the right gift for that. So I am not a painter. than I tired to plaay guitar but that was not very uplifting, my girlfreindi compained. Then I read an action nvovel, but I got a haeadace. I suppose you should do useful thingi, they did that in the olden days. So, I sat down and wrote this post instead. Soon there will be bed time (its eoght o clock). I figgure if I just continue writing time will tell. I love the dialiect in ITaly. Proscottiiii, how they drawl the end of words for so long time. drrummiii. I guess its alwats better to continue doing something, not play topgun gamei.

This is a short bredif thingi from my new play. ”Destinfinado”

Jan I have come here to Italy to escape you.

Death Well, I didnät have trouble comming here either.

Jan Then, time toils, the dry italian siol have a cock which will cuckle.

Death Spek so I understand.

Jan smoke a cigarette. Fuck, the cigaretts here is disgusting.

Death   Taht will not prolong you live.

Jan Whay would you care. Youa re here to take my life. Wonderful cape by the way.

Death Tahnk yiou. Well, you people are so boirng, I am not after your life.

Jan haiahhaihaiahahaha not.

Death No, you take it yourself. I just collect up the bits.

Jan I would like to go to Renniscance italty. There was a man free. And no nose around the necki.

Death Well, I think you mean Mexico. Renniscnce Italy was fine but I ythink you misses something.

Jan Waht. I would love to be a king in a small city and wear a cape and a mantel. Tgen I could duel you.

Death You can duel me anytime, but I want guarantee the result.

Jan Thouse´.

Death Ohh you killed me. aaaaaaa

Jan Hurrayyyy! I am frEEEE!!!

Jan danses around the sqwure. Italians come forward.

Itlaiens Whatii is hapaninnggg?

Death Just kidding, you can kill me. That would be against nature.

Jan Fuck!!!

Death Why just not try to live a bit.

Jan Shoudl you tell me that.

Death Yes, I have seen so many people obsessed with me that I think thay forgot the other part.

Jan Who is that.

Death Life.

Jan Well, I am trying to run awayae.

Death You misunderstand, I meant Life of course. Have you ever meat Life?

Jan I have tried to run away freom you so I havn’t met her r him.

Death Well that my whjioe poplem.

Wellm that was the point in this story.





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