Skrivet av: jukkabysea | september 23, 2012

an invitation to the dadaist group meating with a university man

That may seem strange to siome since I am jukka but that is the mystery. Now you looked, blodydy hiilll!

People like tings to be strnage so they can tijnk for themselves. I like to think often. I thoght today one time. Fucki, bllododuyy heieilll. I have began to drive with a motercykle in the nature. It is wonderful to experiance nature in a direct way. Sometioems there are pooeple in the track, I often ask them to get of the way. poeple dont’ have respcet for popele dirve in nature. Its nothering worong with driviern a go cart in nature. I often do ogher thingi too.

I am the cildern of rrammm, I travveledi from the something. I forgot. For those of you whio don’t know this is Marc biolond. I listen to him sometimes. I love to liten to him inte the shoe store. Soemtimes a Lady askes me about a shoe and I ltiesn to the musiv and then I just go along., All right, I say and swing with my body. You can tell she is impressedi all right.

Sometimes I tihngki I am a bit  mek. I thogjt about  the meaing of ända today, For thise of you who can’t Swedish I van expelini i this langgiuage. Ända means buttom and therie. HÄe went al the way. Han gick ända dit. Now ända defines my life noways. In many way so its fascinating, increddible. I think Uppsala is the New bolonga. A city of Rennicence and rebirth. I et a man in the university who said this a while ago,

I alos meat a young women from the working people the oterh day. She workds a an assistant and we had arelastionship.

My dear man, he said, Uppsala is the city which holdes the most smart people and here there are people who have read. Like you.

He said thati. I am a reabdele peropsn. I told him

Well, my dear fall, I blush.

Noo, he said. I think ypu looki nivce.

He told me that peopple whio is at university is samrter but not better than working epople. Univerity people will lead the people I thk.

Anyway, he told me he liked me. He, a teracsher at the unviersity! And me, a peropn inta shoe store. We talekda bout feareys and other studff.

He said I was a samrt man. Now that feeel. We will meat in a cafe tomorrow. I think he ants to hear my wvies about things.

This is my litte peom.

All the long way

in a deep forest between her silvery legs and

the spines of silvery thereds

he made the way

so very mystic in here

he said while kissing the moss

the autumn storms and the last

feary bwtwennn here the the last Uppsala border

The yellow perosn in a hat plocks rise and I eat

that is not fair no help the yellow perosn

plock risce with him do not sit there and consume

wihtle or borthers make the food

wait on us and make everything to us

make the house and we are comfortae

fuckk blooddii heieil we need to be there and fight for

love relovlutions to come

I will meat my brothers and stay in the rows agiasnt

the state and love

Well thats all chehersi from Jukkka



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