Skrivet av: jukkabysea | februari 17, 2013

Fuckk!! Bloddy hheiiillll! I was palying my xbox and was really long. I haf completated many banes. Then My girlfreind coame in and said are you playing agin Jukka. I said noo. besause she hate when I paly computer gamei. They she came and lokced at my sceni bildi and said you are playingi. Well that may be but its my fusckin comptueri i said and she just deltied my gami.! 

She said I should write instead of pay. Well she is so good and everyhting buut I am GFisnish and I need action from time to time. I am no fufdskfdlfdskj fj acadmiaoan who sits all dayi with a text and wrote and wrote. beside I almost wom. Ficuk! I took my car and drove around frusttrated for an hour. I drove around Svemdammarna for an hour while lsitnning to Jimi Hendrix Fruck Bllodydy hilll I shouted. Theun I came home and thoguht avout joining a dangerous sport. They would show my girldrefndi. She will wont me to paly comptuer gami instedi. I will climb thingi or jpin a Marschal art. Thats really dangoerus and thingi. 

Now I will write a peom


Flowers in spring are so

easliy washed away

For a mintute they are here

blossom like spring flowers

then they die and their

delicate intricate ways 

are trampled

I found a flowers on the road

trampled on

and put in water

but it didet work


I found a stone on the floor

and polished it


I find a girl on street an polish her

naked in shower 

she gets arrested by police

I fought the law and the

law fought me


I kiss the girl in jail

then the Jufge came

a hard man in suit

I say to him

This is a virtual girl

she has not commitet crime

the judge say

she sell sex on the street that is illegial

well I said it is nice sex and she is good 

thats not they point the judge say

well what is the pint? 

In say

I climed the dront floor and everyone look at me

I say 

My hoours and memebrs of the comuntiy

God created sex for us to plase 

and men use coin 

This womaen use them both

honourable trades sex and coin

and you call that illigeal? Its sick!

The judges and memebers of Community hailed me

and gave me the Key to the cioty


and the girl and me got a nice house and lived happiyiy


A song 



ohh yeah

Poinsed flowers


We live by the river


wimen by the river




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